Distraction of Dolphins

With all my heart, I am waiting, Lord, for you! I trust your promises. Psalms 130:5 CEV 

We were sitting on the ship’s balcony, savoring our morning coffee and watching the sun dance on the waves, when my husband jumped up and shouted, “There’s one!” 

           “What? Where?” I cried, not knowing what he was seeing.

           “Dolphins, there’s one. But, oh no, it’s a whole bunch of them!”

           “Point them out to me, please. I don’t want to miss them this time!”

 He patiently directed my gaze to the ripple of waves off the back of the ship.  I finally saw a fin gracefully break the surface. First, there was one, then another; then too many to count. Observing their movement in the water was mesmerizing. I blinked and lost sight of them and frantically scanned the ocean until I spotted the pod’s fins arching through the distant swell.

           Captivated, we continued watching and could hear the excited squeals of other families enjoying the aquatic performance. There were some passengers, however, looking in the same direction without seeing. “What is it? What are you looking at?”

God tells Jeremiah, “You will find me when you seek me if you look for me in earnest” Jeremiah 29:13 (TLB).

           My husband and I were searching in earnest to see the dolphins. We stayed focused and helped each other when one of us lost sight of them. Some passengers only caught a peek, while others missed the sighting altogether.  

        This made me think about how often we miss God’s blessings because we are busy, distracted, and not earnestly seeking Him. Or pray fervently during a struggle and miss His encouragement and answers because it doesn’t match our expectations?

           The first time my husband was unemployed, we prayed that God would provide a job quickly. The summer turned into fall, and there were still no prospects despite our fervent prayers. When the holidays came and went, we felt forgotten and discouraged. My husband finally got a job an entire year later.  Reflecting on that year, we can identify the blessings, where God answered our prayers in our time of waiting. We grew closer to friends as they supported us in the challenges. We grew closer to God as we desperately depended on Him.  As a family, we learned to embrace a simpler lifestyle.

          Watching the dolphins required us to search the waters and remain focused.  Identifying the Lord’s blessings requires our attention too. He is always there, but it takes intentionality, patience, and ‘seeking Him in earnest.’

Dear Lord,

   Help me to fix my eyes on you, to seek you in earnest so that I may recognize your blessings during all trials and times of waiting. Amen 

Thank you for your encouragement and support. You are a gift to me.

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Peg Arnold

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