December Presents

May you feel the presence of Emmanuel God With Us!

Hi Friend!

Instead of just a devotion this month, I wanted my December post to be full of presents for you. So if you will check the end of this message, you will find my links to free downloads, free devotions, a free conference, and access to three recent podcasts where I was the guest!

Merry Christmas!

Distraction of Definition

PRESENT, did you ever think about this word and its impact on the meaning of Christmas?

Present: it has three meanings

  1. Present- Here; God with us.
  2. Present-Gift; God gave us the present (the gift) of His only son Jesus that who so ever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life!
  3. Pre-sent- Introduce; God presented His gift of love through His son Emmanuel.

P-Pause and pray- Take time to pause and pray in the doing, Emmanuel God with Us, means he’s present in the messy, the mania and the meaningful. So if your prayers are while in the doing, God hears even the short phrases.

R- RejoiceThe Psalms tell us that rejoicing can be through songs, words and even dance! It increases the positive endorphins in our nervous system and changes our outlook on our circumstances. No matter what you are carrying this season, find the simple things that make you smile.

E-Embrace the Unexpected- One of the things I think that can steal our joy and rob our peace from this season is expecting everything to go as planned. When is the last time that happened?

S-Surrender the Shoulds- How many of us enter this Christmas season with our own list of shoulds?  Shoulds can run our lives and put us on the road of guilt, Give yourself Grace!

E- Emphasize the Essentials- Be intentional about choosing where your energies are spent. It reduces the stress and allows us to emulate the attitudes and qualities we want in this busy season.

N- Nourish Yourself- Resting does not seem productive or crosses anything off our list. Christ modeled this when he took time at the well or in the garden.

T -Thank God and Others- An attitude of gratitude is something that impacts us positively in our bodies and minds.

I pray you have a blessed Christmas! Check the end for all the presents!

As always, I appreciate your encouragement and support.

Merry Christmas!

Now for the presents -All of them are FREE!

Special Christmas inspirations created for you.

Peg’s Devotions are on You Version! Try them both!
Holiday Devotions for the Distracted Heart
Daily Devotions for the Distracted Heart

Free ticket for the entire conference!

Peg was interviewed on three podcasts this month. Check the buttons below to listen to them. If they speak to you, let both Peg and the Podcast host know!

Simply for Women is a show where an abundant life is found in simple faith. God invites us to take Him off our to-do list and to simply be, to simply be with Him.

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