Distraction of the Dryer (AKA The Green Crayon)

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But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made
Luke 10:40

My husband used to travel a lot when my children were young. Usually while he was away, we were challenged with every possible event from broken legs, stitches, to 911 emergency calls. One evening in particular was filled with the normal challenges and stresses of a toddler and pre-schooler’s escapades.

I was busy fixing dinner, finishing laundry, paying bills and trying to keep the children occupied. During this time my daughter emerged from the basement with her brand new pink Easter outfit streaked with appeared to be green marker. I immediately jumped to conclusions and yelled,” What have you done??? Where did you get that marker? Why would you do such a thing??”

She denied all my accusations profusely and cried” It wasn’t me! Go down stairs and look in the dryer. It’s all over everything!”
I frantically ran downstairs to the dryer only to find out that she was right. As I pulled out sweaters, pants, and brand new outfits, each one was creatively streaked with bright green. As I sorted through the clothes with misty eyes, I discovered a pair of my son’s Oshkosh overalls blotched with the same green and remembered the green crayon we had placed there two days before. Now it had gone through the washer and worse yet, the dryer!

I plopped onto the floor with my daughter saying, “See I told you. What are we going to do now??” Feeling totally frustrated, angry and dismayed I began to aimlessly assess the damaged clothing only to be interrupted by the sound of the smoke alarm!

I dashed upstairs amidst the fearful cries and whines of both children only to find smoke billowing from the frying pan I had left on the stove and my son reaching for the handle. Totally frustrated with the whole situation, I pulled my son away, whipped the pan off the burner and our dinner into the sink. Having no patience with the dinner, the children, the laundry, and myself I started huffing and puffing, screaming at the children to get out of my way, when all of a sudden I felt a tug on my pants. I looked down at my daughter peering up at me with tear-stained cheeks saying, “Mom, I think we need to pray about the Green Crayon!”

Green Crayons are those unplanned events, which interrupt and upset our daily routine requiring our immediate attention only to keep us distracted from those things, which are truly important to us. What green crayons do you have in your life? How many times have you allowed green crayons to upset your relationships with others or even with the Lord?
Didn’t Christ chastise Martha for her concern with the ‘things’, which need to be done? Make an effort to identify your green crayons. Pray the God will give you the energy and the ability to put these into perspective and clear your vision to see what is truly important.

Dear Lord, Too many times I let the daily demands of the moment distract me from the more important things. I pray for a heart of Mary, to be able to see with Your eyes, take time for You and recognize the blessings that surround me. Amen

This blog entry is also known as The Green Crayon and is published in the most recent “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Multi-tasking Mom’s Survival Guide.” Available in book stores and online March 2014

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